My Very Patriotic Purchase

Happy 4th, Everyone!

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be seeing any fireworks this year.
I WENT SHOPPING INSTEAD! It was so busy Casey had to drop me off while he found parking haha. Lots of people had the same idea, apparently. Well, it was worth it cuz look what I scored:

See, I'm very patriotic :D

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Well, this is gonna be quick.

I haven't even been on here in months but I want that to change. Speaking of change...

I'm moving! I'm moving far far away from Orlando. And my (soon-to-be ex) boyfriend. It's scary! I'm moving to a smaller city of about 100,000 people. I just hate Orlando so much. Tourists tourists tourists, tolls tolls tolls. I don't want to get into too much detail because I don't know what to expect myself. All I know is that I'm moving in 3 weeks. I'm starting a new university...sucks cuz I really made some awesome friends in my major here... but as my mom always says, "friends are everywhere." Hopefully people are cool, more laid back like my friends in Spearfish.

Anyway...I'm off to read friend's journals.
Comment if you miss me! (Waits for no comments ;))

Btw...I totally met Minnie and Mickey. Minnie is bomb!

ps. i'm 20 years old hahaha

Loooong time

Hey I haven't been on there in awhile. 5 quick updates for ya:

1. Moved to Orlando, FL with my boy Casey
2. Went to Thailand for a month (pictures on myspace!)
3. Got killer hair extensions
4. Started working at American Eagle
5. Starting pre-med at UCF on the 22nd

Oh, and add me on myspace because I don't know if I remember how to use this anymore! But I'm sure I can refresh my memory if I have a look around.

Add me to Myspace♥

Oh, the reason I finally got on here is because my mom bought me this laptop yesterday and I wanted to go to every site possible haha. So, since we haven't talked in awhile... let me know what's new with you!